The International Institute of Life Energy organises a summerschool from 1 till 5 august 2017. The major theme this year will be "The cycle of life". If you are interested in biophotons, health and agriculture, click here for more information about the summerschool.

Project Golfcourse Hitland
and Almeerderhout:

In 2014/2015 we finished several succesfull projects at Golfcourses with different ground types in The Netherlands. We investigated the impact of the GreenQC on the quality of the grass. Click here for the results at Golfcourse Hitland en here for the results at Golfcourse Almeerderhout.

For more information about the Quantum Conditioner please visit our Dutch version of the website.

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All the important regulatory processes in our bodies are triggered and coordinated by biophotons emanating from the biophoton field. Each second every one of the 600 billion cells of the body forms the stage of more than 100.000 reactions. Each one of those reactions is triggered by a photon. To regulate this immense activity, we need an operating and communications system which works at the speed of light. Prof. Popp and his colleagues showed that we have one: our biophoton field. A healthy person possesses a fully coherent biophoton field. All chronic diseases are accompanied by a measurable loss of coherence.