The International Institute of Life Energy organises a summerschool from 1 till 5 august 2017. The major theme this year will be "The cycle of life". If you are interested in biophotons, health and agriculture, click here for more information about the summerschool.

Project Golfcourse Hitland
and Almeerderhout:

In 2014/2015 we finished several succesfull projects at Golfcourses with different ground types in The Netherlands. We investigated the impact of the GreenQC on the quality of the grass. Click here for the results at Golfcourse Hitland en here for the results at Golfcourse Almeerderhout.

For more information about the Quantum Conditioner please visit our Dutch version of the website.

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Our approach


The SuperCoherence devices generate a quantumfield that is capable of improving the coherence of the biophoton field. Just as the biophoton field itself, our field is of a very low intensity and can not be seen with the naked eye. Equally in common with the biophoton field, is the high information content of the field. It generates a stream of pure coherence. We can experience the SuperCoherence field on several ways, such as a small cabin to sit in, the BalancingChamber, and a bench in which you can lie down, the PowerBed.

(pfoto of Generator plus BalancingChamber)

Our bodies are capable of using the highly coherent impulses, which translates to a measurable improvement in our bodies’ coherence. It’s easy to use and a natural complement to a whole range of treatments.

In the near future we will also introduce water, food and supplements that has been given the SuperCoherence treatment. This way we can consciously surround ourselves with impulses that improve our health.