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Project Golfcourse Hitland
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In 2014/2015 we finished several succesfull projects at Golfcourses with different ground types in The Netherlands. We investigated the impact of the GreenQC on the quality of the grass. Click here for the results at Golfcourse Hitland en here for the results at Golfcourse Almeerderhout.

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Several studies have been conducted in the development of the SuperCoherence equipment. We’ve chosen a established build-up.

Fase 1: Does the equipment work as claimed?

This is a study at the International Institute of Biophysics under the auspiciën of prof.dr. F.A. Popp. Subject at hand was the influence of the SuperCoherence equipment on the regulatory biophoton field of the most sensitive organism there is: the Acetabularia acetabulans.
This showed that:

1. there is no placebo effect,
2. the influence on stressed cells was positive, and
3. that healthy cells were in no way disturbed.

(pdf link naar uitgebreidere tekst)

Fase 2: Can the SuperCoherence equipment improve health?

For this we’ve had two uncontrolled studies conducted. First, a small scale study to the influence of our equipment on the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) of the personnel of a small office. HRV is an often used indicator of coherence and general health. This study was conducted by dr. E.A. Das-Smaal, VU Amsterdam.

This showed that:

• there is a positive influence on the Heart Rate Variability of more or less healthy people.

(pdf link)

The second study is an open study to the influence of our system when applied to burnout patients. This was conducted at the Weert Health Center (Gezondheidscentrum Weert) from mr. A. van Doorn. The study was conducted by researcher and doctor V.A.C. Campman, Charité Universityclinic, Berlin, Germany. Treatment was in the hands of ms. R. Verstappen of the Weert Health Center.

This showed that:

• there was a spectacular decrease in the level of complaints as established on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale and the Burnout Symptom Quesionnaire (around 60% improvement in sex weeks).

(pdf link)

Fase 3: Can the observed changes really be assigned to the SuperCoherence equipement?

This is a so called blind study to the influence of the SuperCoherence Generator on the human biophoton field. This study was conducted by dr. R. van Wijk and dr. E. van Wijk of the International Institute of Biophysics.

This showed that:

• the biophoton field did indeed react solely under the influence of the SuperCoherence Generator.

(pdf link)

This study does not comply fully to Fase 3 demands. That would need a bigger, double blind study. This is financially and pratically out of reach at this moment as we finance all of our research ourselves. This of course ha sits limitations. Also it is practically hardly possible to conduct a fully double-blind study as our equipment has a field generating effect of several tens of meters in all directions. Even if we would build a dummy, it would be very difficult to insulate the control group of the influence of the working example.